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3 Day Workshop, Master Class and Personal Mentorship

“l have been in the crypto space for 7 years and I learned so much from the 3 Day Workshop. I would say if someone was going to invest then they need this course, its a MUST!”

Adrian Steven

Business Owner

“This workshop was an incredible experience, I loved how interactive it was and that we didn’t have 9 hours of someone talking at us. I really had fun and would love to do the next ones.”

Brigitte Hoffer

School Teacher

“I thoroughly enjoyed the cryptocurrency 3 day course. A lot of insight into what crypto is, wallets, security, dollar cost averaging etc was given. Their passion on the subject was infectious and their knowledge extensive. I would recommend this course to any novice or confident crypto enthusiast.”

Shar Alberts

Artist, Bookeeper

“I must say that I’m lucky to have been invited to the Bitcoin Is Hope Workshop facilitated by Bret & Sean. Sharing from their own experiences, they provided the guidance that I need to be able to forge ahead safely in the crypto space.”

Emmanuel Akoto

H R Director

“I absolutely loved this 3 Day Workshop, it was Excellent, I would recommend it to anyone. Really made setting up and investing look easy”.

Mike Awanayah MBA

Consulting Engineer

“I was privileged to have been able to attend Bret and Seans 3 day workshop. It was amazing. For a beginner interested in crypto and not knowing who to trust or what to do – this gave me a clear understanding of the basics. Bret explained things so clearly and in such an informative way that the 9 hours just flew past way too quickly. I am hooked and can’t wait for the next course. You now have a lifelong follower, thank you for helping bridge the gap and get people like me started but able to avoid the pitfalls you have encountered through your experience. I highly recommend this course and give it a 5 star rating as Bret and Sean went above and beyond in delivering a great service..”

Leandra Goncalves

Training Manager

Masterclass feedback:

“My biggest challenge when first looking into the crypto space was knowing where to start! These workshops really helped me to get started on my crypto journey.

Helping me understand the difference between different wallets, how to set them up and how to use them. Also helping me to understand how to move crypto currency around different platforms and what the purpose of different platforms are.

The one thing I would tell someone that wants to start investing in the crypto space is do Brett and Sean’s beginner and master classes.

As a complete novice I’ve learnt so much practical advice and am so happy I decided to do both the beginner and masterclass courses.

The classes are friendly, and I felt very comfortable asking questions when I didn’t understand something.

I found doing the extra tasks set and watching the recommended video tutorials really reinforced the learnings from the classes to.

I highly recommend these classes especially if you are at the start of your crypto journey as they will help you with all the info and support you need.”

Trisha Barros

Vetinary nurse and Property Investor

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