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Bitcoin is Hope, Get Cryptonized and Personal Mentorship

What is the time I am expected to commit to achieving the outcomes listed?

To get a benefit from anything, you need to do the work.

If you do the following, I’m confident you’ll achieve the outcomes listed above:

  • Show up live to every class
  • Spend up to an hour each week for pre-reading and action items
  • Engage actively with your cohort
Can’t I learn all this for free on YouTube or by reading a book?

Free can be chaotic, confusing, and just plain wrong. It’s also hard to evaluate how credible your teacher is. You can’t ask questions or get real-time guidance.

You need expert guidance as you learn to keep calm when the market plummets. You need someone to show you how your fears cost you real money over your lifetime.

How did you price your course?

Live cohort-based courses are priced between $500 for short courses to $7,000+ for a course similar to this one.

The premium is because you learn directly from an expert & engage with like-minded peers through hands-on activities in class (which lower-priced courses miss).

For you, this means you’re going to learn in the shortest amount of time.

I have a financial advisor. Why do I need your class?

Your money is YOUR responsibility.

Do you know how to properly assess if your advisor is doing a good job? After this course, you’ll speak their language, ask better questions, and understand their answers.

My spouse already invests for us, why should I bother learning?

Couples make better investment decisions together. Each partner’s different perspective and life experience helps to better vet investment decisions.

At every investment fund I worked for, we were required to solicit different perspectives and “check our thinking” with each other.

Why not do what the pros do? Two minds are better than one.

Bret and Sean, why should I make investing a priority?

The sooner you start, the more wealth you can build. I went from having $150,000 in student loans at age 31 to being free to do whatever I want at age 44.

I did it by investing consistently and systematically, and not panicking when markets plunged. It’s the proven path to building long-term generational wealth and financial freedom.

I work full time - how big a time commitment is this?

Our workshops run for a few hours during the week or on weekends, so time commitment can easily be fitted into a busy schedule.

  • 2 hours of class time plus 1 hour of homework (short videos and one key action to take after each class).
How will the classes work?

Workshops run on live Zoom sessions. We teach, you get to work in small groups, and we answer your questions.

We cover a lot of ground with hands-on practice, so it’s best to attend sessions in real-time. We know sometimes life gets in the way, so all classes are recorded.

What happens if I can’t make a live session?

You will not want to miss the live sessions, because a lot of the magic happens in small group sessions when you practice what you’ve just learned.

We cover a lot of ground quickly so please make every effort to attend the classes in real-time.

But, life happens, so all classes are recorded and made available to you.

How do I get my questions answered?

Several ways

  • We wiIl stay for 15 minutes after every class to answer questions.
  • You can ask questions in the Telegram channel.
  • We will encourage the community to interact in the slack channel (monitored by us).
Are you going to tell me which cryptocurrencies to buy?

No. We are not financial advisors. Our workshops are designed to teach you how to navigate the cryptocurrency space.

Our workshops are designed to empower you to make your own investment decisions and avoid making mistakes that can be very costly, based on our 12 years combined experience.

Do you guarantee I’ll make money?

No, and if anyone does, run away from them as fast as you can.

What we will do though, is teach you key investment concepts and frameworks and share our experiences of 12+ years in the crypto space.

You’ll know it all — what we learned from working in the crypto space, and how you can avoid our past mistakes (That alone will save you big bucks🤣).

Do I need to acknowledge a disclaimer?

You’ll be asked to acknowledge this disclaimer and acknowledgment form.

This course is not financial advice and we’re not a financial advisor or registered investment advisor.

This course teaches basic investing concepts and strategies that are not exhaustive.

This Course does not guarantee you’ll make money and it’s possible you may lose all your money.

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