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You have enrolled in the course called “Get Cryptonized: Bitcoin is Hope” being taught by Project Freedom Consulting (PTY) LTD and its representatives (together the “Company”). The Company is not a professional financial or investment advisor. The Company is not offering financial advice and is not making any recommendations for any cryptocurrency coins you should or should not buy or sell. This Course in no way guarantees that you will make money, and it is entirely possible that you may lose all your money. The Company is simply teaching basic investing concepts and strategies, which are not exhaustive. Any scenarios, and outcomes (financial or otherwise) used as part of the course are not typical. Your background, education, experience, work ethic, and other factors may differ. The history of performance (for the market or a given cryptocurrency) is not a predictor of future performance. This Course is not a get-rich-quick scheme. The Course teaches concepts that support a long-term investing strategy that may or may not increase the chances of your success. Taking this Course is not a guarantee of success. Your results may vary. The various tools used in the Course and the Course syllabus cover companies that are regulated and operate in the United States and globally. The Company does not offer investment, accounting, foreign exchange exposure management, legal, tax, regulatory advice & any other specific topics that may arise related to international investing (for Course participants that are based outside the United States, as well as Course participants in the United States) This Course is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please consult your financial advisor, tax consultant, & any other specialists (“Advisors”) before making any investment decisions. You and/ or your Advisors are responsible for the consequences of your own investment decisions. The Company is not responsible for any losses you may incur. The Company makes use of third-party software and data in the Course such as & other resources that can change from time to time (“Information”), which the Company believes to be reliable. However, the Company is not responsible nor does the Company guarantee the accuracy of such information or analysis nor does the Company have any responsibility to update anything you have learned in this course. The Company uses its best efforts to use & provide correct information, analysis, and concepts in the Course, but does not guarantee they are correct or accurate. The Company has a maximum liability equal to the cost of the Course that has been paid by you. The Company is not responsible for indirect, consequential, punitive, or other damages. If the above is not agreeable & you cannot sign this Disclaimer before the start of the Course, please do not enroll.