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Bitcoin is Hope Beginner Workshop, Get Cryptonized Master Class and Personal Mentorship


  • Lives in Durban South Africa
  • Bachelor of Science Genetics and Zoology
  • Cryptopreneur
  • Decentralized Finance Specialist
  • NFT Creator
  • Trader
  • Educator


  • Lives in Johannesburg South Africa
  • Cryptopreneur
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Investor
  • Educator


The difference between losing money or making money in crypto is whether you learn from people who have made the mistakes before, cut out all the noise, listen to guys actually doing it and stick to your investment plan.

​In our 12 years+ combined experience in cryptocurrency, we have invested in many different cryptocurrencies, mined our own crypto, lost money to scams and Ponzi’s schemes, navigated two bull and bear markets successfully and surrounded ourselves with a team of professional traders, investors, influencers, and industry leaders.

Bret graduated university with a BSC Degree in Zoology and Genetics, worked in the corporate world for 15 years, founded a construction and property development company and three years ago gave up the business due to Covid and have been a professional investor and trader in the crypto space ever since. My over 6 years in the industry, becoming a millionaire multiple times and losing it has allowed me to hone my investment philosophy and strategy.

The purpose of this course is to teach busy professionals who are rockstars in their world but investment amateurs or novices. It is for students, single parents and stay at home moms too! This course is for those who want to begin their cryptocurrency investment journey the right way, with confidence, ease, and a manageable time commitment.

We’ll share with you everything I know: from my costliest mistakes to the tools I use, the industry leaders I follow and finally, the best way to create a structured diversified portfolio that’s custom-built for you.

​I will show you how to navigate all aspects of the crypto markets including NFT’s and DEFI (decentralized finance).

If you’re sitting on spare cash or are frustrated with dabbling in the crypto markets and wondering how you can get started safely this course is for you.