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My Story

2022 was a defining year for me. After having the best financial year of my life in 2021 when Bitcoin hit $69 000, I thought I had it made. After almost losing everything in a previous crypto project I was able to 10X my portfolio and became a $ Millionaire.

In May 2022, I was involved in a motorcycle accident and was airlifted to hospital, and on the same day a top 10 crypto coin, Terra Luna collapsed, and I lost a significant portion of my portfolio.

Luckily, I lost some cryptocurrency and not my life. Lying in a hospital bed unable to even get up to go to the toilet, I had a lot of time to reflect on my life and the decisions I had made that had got me too this point in my life. I have had some devastating losses during my crypto career but also some amazing success. I have never stopped learning.

Despite these setbacks I survived the accident, and I survived the worst crypto crash to date. I am still a full time crypto trader and investor. I am the captain of my own ship, a digital entrepreneur and still incredibly excited about where this crypto industry is headed.

I asked myself the following questions:

    • Do I still believe in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology?
    • If I have been a millionaire 3 times, can I do it again?
    • What are the lessons I have learnt from my failures?
    • Can I take the lessons and create a better plan?
    • Who do I have to be to turn the failures into success?
    • Who can I ask for help to guide me?
      Who can I take with me on this journey to success?

One of my mentors (Dean Graziozi) got me to ask myself these two questions:

    1. If I could go back and have a conversation with my younger self, what advice would I give myself?
    2. Can my experiences help someone else to not make the same mistakes?

Anwsering these questions was the inspiration for putting together this learning experience.

The crypto space has been plagued by greedy, untrustworthy people who have preyed on the uninformed and wreaked havoc on ordinary peoples lives. I believe there is enough for everyone and that by building a caring, honest, trustworthy community we can all thrive.

My purpose is to create financial success within the crypto spaceand to share my journey, my successes, my failures, lessons, tools and mentors with you. To build back trust, to teach you everything I have learnt in my almost 7 years as a crypto investor so that you can have a 7 year head start and increase your chances of success exponentially.

Now no one knows when the next bull run will start but what we do know is that cryptocurrency adoption is the fastest in all human history, Bitcoin has the Network effect: “Metcalfe’s Law”.

The next Bitcoin halving happens in March 2024, so the time to prepare is now. Please join me and my brother Sean as we prepare and implement our plan for the upcoming bullrun.