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CryptoCurrency and Blockchain is the fastest adoption of any technology in human history.

Go from Novice to Confident Cryptocurrency Investor



Clarify your money goals and stop self-sabotaging your returns.

Understand the key principles of investing.

Understand how you can safely begin your cryptocurrency investment journey in a few short days.


8pm to 11pm SA time (GMT+2)
7pm to 10pm UK (GMT+2)




Understand the key principles of investing

How crypto works and why the world needs it.

The revolutionary underlying Blockchain technology.

The difference between Bitcoin, Ethereum & Altcoins.

Why Bitcoin is on track to disrupt Gold.

How to create your personalized investment plan.

To buy your first cryptocurrency.

How to move crypto to a digital wallet.

To secure and setup different wallets.

Why crypto investing is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

How to store crypto, identify scams and secure your investment.

How to structure a crypto portfolio.

How to position yourself for the inevitable next bull market.

You will embrace, not fear, the market volatility.

What tools you can use to increase your chances of success.

Clarify your money goals and stop self-sabotaging your returns

Assess where you are financially, visualize where you want to go, and learn how to avoid the psychological pitfalls that can cost you a fortune over a lifetime of investing.

Discover your deepest, truest motives for stewarding your wealth. Learn to conquer your “inner villain”.

3 Day Course Schedule GMT+2

Weekdays: 19:00pm to 22:00pm

Saturday Afternoon: 12:00pm to 15:00pm

Sunday Afternoon: 12:00pm to 15:00pm


Tuesday evening: 19:00pm to 22:00pm

Wednesday evening: 19:00pm to 22:00pm

Thursday evening: 19:00pm to 22:00pm

You’ll pick either the weekend afternoon or weekday evening cohort for our live workshops, where you’ll learn, apply and practice in small breakouts.

Plus, I host an afterparty – We will stay back after class to answer your questions.

Learning is best when there’s a specific action item after class. You will leave with many resources to help you on your journey.

Who is this cryptocurrency investing course for?

You are a savvy professional, single parent, stay at home mom or student who wants to build wealth in the cryptocurrency markets but doesn’t know where to begin, or have dabbled and got scammed or lost money.

You want to invest but friends have convinced you it is a Ponzi scheme.

You want to learn from experts who have made the early mistakes, no B.S., speaks human, not jargon, and makes investing fun.

You want to convert some of your wealth to digital currencies with confidence, keeping it simple and with a reasonable amount of time commitment, not spending more than a few hours a week.

A complete beginner who has never invested online before.

What do you get?

9 hours of interactive live workshop designed to help you set up, buy, store and transfer crypto safely.

Personal financial workbook to help you work out a financial gameplan to start investing.

A crypto tool kit with all the apps & platforms you will need to set up, buy, store and transfer crypto safely.

A free strategy that you can implement immediately that will change your financial future.

Free Bitcoin is Hope E-Book, a simple guide to getting into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

After taking this workshop you will….

Go from confusion to clarity

Shift from fear and scarcity to abundance. Push through what’s held you back from investing in the past. Investing now brings peace of mind because you know what to do, how to do it, and why you are doing it.

Own an investment toolkit

You’ll learn how to use the tools provided to help you make ongoing investments and adjustments to your portfolio and investing journey. Having mastered key concepts, you’ll stop second-guessing yourself and getting spooked when the markets get rough.

Have a close-knit community of fellow investors

Classmates can become your “Investment Committee” with which to share new investment ideas or parse the markets. You’ll build friendships working in breakouts, and find 2-3 “thought partners” you will want to continue discussing investments with after the course.

Sleep better at night

Because you will understand how to buy, store, and secure your crypto investment, manage your risk, be able to spot and identify scams and feel the empowerment of starting your investment journey.

Spend only and hour a week monitoring

Its not over when you hit that buy button. You will continue to monitor your progress with confidence. All it takes is an hour a week.

Active learning, not passive watching

Live workshops and hands-on projects make learning fun. Unlike lecture courses, I’ll teach a concept, show you an example, give you a prompt, and then you’ll do it in a small breakout group. You learn by doing, not by watching.

Learn with a group of peers

Surround yourself with like-minded people who want to grow alongside you. Working and helping each other with the group exercises ensures that no one gets left behind. Make new friends with people who share your interests.

Personalized guidance and feedback

In this course, you will learn why it is so important for you to be in the crypto space, where you are financially and how to develop an abundance mindset. How to set up, buy, store and transfer cryptocurrency safely and with confidence. We will give you a strategy that can be implemented immediately and cover some of the other options to generate income in the crypto space.

Community engagement on Telegram

We’ll have a private Telegram channel for our group to get to know each other, post questions and answers, homework assignments, or anything else that helps us learn and grow as investors.

The community aspect of group-based courses has become my favorite part of online learning.